The Atelier Primer is a part-time program modeled after a traditional, full-time Atelier’s curriculum. It is a compressed sampling of the foundations introduced in the traditional 3 year atelier trajectory. Each 10 week term of this program builds off of the previous term and the program as a whole is encouraged to be taken many times over to continue to build momentum and skills without having to start at the beginning every time. This exciting program will teach the classical foundations of drawing and painting representationally. Whether you’re a beginner interested in learning the techniques of observational drawing and painting, or you are an intermediate/advanced student who wants to improve or keep your skills sharp, the Atelier Primer is perfect for you. This online, evening class is ideal for those who cannot attend classes during the day. Our Tuesday and Thursday class time will consist of assignment reviews/critiques from the instructor, as well as in-real-time demos. There is also built-in work time during the class meeting time windows, so you can receive feedback and check-ins as you work through the assignments. Led by instructor Riley Doyle, alumni and previous instructor of the full time Georgetown Atelier, the Atelier Primer is comprised of hands-on demos, pre-recorded demos, foundational skill building assignments and individual critiques.

Each academic term of the Atelier Primer represents a different core medium of this traditional academic approach. The FALL TERM focuses on drawing and is the primary foundation laying term, where key concepts and techniques will be introduced and will be carried into all future study and practice. The WINTER TERM focuses on monochromatic oil painting. It will reinforce all skills introduced in the previous term and add on the complexities of handling the medium of oil paint. The SPRING TERM focuses on limited palette oil painting. Once again building off of the previous term, we will take what we’ve learned from the previous two terms and add on the complexities of seeing and recording color information.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that anyone new to the Atelier Primer program begins in the Fall term. Please contact the registrar at to confirm your eligibility for the course.

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