This iteration of the Classical Atelier is reimagined from the Aristides Atelier. Juliette Aristides started the atelier program at Seattle's Gage Academy of Art where she served as Director of the Aristides Atelier from 1999 to 2022. This tradition of intensive instruction continues today with seven ateliers currently offered at Gage.

Larine Chung Teaching philosophy:

Atelier tradition is a time tested method in learning formal elements of art based on direct observation. Through systematic step-by-step teaching, in-depth analysis of master works and vigorous daily practice from life, students would learn how to use the formal elements of painting such as space, value, and color to depict the world around expressing their viewpoints in art. I truly believe that art is a language that can be taught and learnt. Together with the team of excellent teaching artists at the Classical atelier, I would like to bring forth calm yet focus learning environment to aid mastering their techniques and artistic vision.

Paul Rosiak Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that everyone can learn to draw and paint and I am passionate about helping students navigate the path towards mastery.

I aim to guide and challenge students to achieve the highest level of fundamental skills they are capable of achieving. Yet, I believe that the atelier is also about far more than imparting technical skills; it encourages new, enriched ways of seeing the world, empowers creative expression, and fosters a strong sense of purpose and community.

I aim to break complex tasks down into their component parts as clearly as possible, study them individually, and then show how to integrate these skills, engaging both the analytical and intuitive sides of the brain, and tailoring my approach to the unique needs of each individual student.

My own experience as a student in the atelier and at Gage Academy was very meaningful to me, and I am thrilled and honored to now be working alongside an incredible team of artists and teachers to create a deeply meaningful educational experience for atelier students.

2022/23 Full   $9,190

Larine Chung & Paul Rosiak

Teaching Artists

David Dwyer

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