So much pleasure comes from investigating the geometry of the world, both man-made and natural, and especially when the two collide. There is the structure with hard edges and lines juxtaposed against the chaos of nature. Initially in the work, I'm responding to the place and the experience, then there's a shift to responding to the photo and memory of the place. Once the image is Xeroxed and collaged onto the canvas, there's yet another response that's a culmination of all of these steps in the process. Finally, I'm responding only to what's on the canvas and what I've internalized.
I view my work as an integration of experiences and experimentation with different materials and techniques, such as painting, collage, printmaking, encaustics and drawing. Every piece builds on what has happened prior to the piece before it-what was learned and what was discovered. I want the way in which the materials are applied, scraped and torn away to be a reflection of the subject matter-like an archeological artifact that has many layers of history and memories.
Allowing materials to be revealed in pieces or layering marks and materials creates a sense of a build up and break down, again mimicking layers of time and history.
Making a painting is truly the most humbling of experiences. I continue to work intuitively but with a greater confidence and knowledge of what it is to make a painting. I strive to keep the work fresh and quirky without over thinking it. This way of working can be stressful and challenging but it keeps me open to new experiences and continual exploration.

Instagram:  @daphne_minkoff

Artwork by Daphne Minkoff

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