In-person at Gage Georgetown @ Equinox Studios (6520 5th Ave S) in the historic Georgetown neighborhood in South Seattle.


2023/24 Full: $6,430

Program Content & Objectives

The Geoff Flack Core Drawing Atelier at Gage Georgetown is a part-time atelier solely devoted to the craft of drawing with an emphasis on the human figure and portrait. Through this innovative and distinctive Atelier, student artists will gain an understanding of how to create drawings based on observation, and also from a profound understanding of construction of the human form.

The Flack Core Drawing Atelier offers the opportunity to study core drawing fundamentals and techniques with master artist Geoff Flack.

Geoff Flack holds an MFA in drawing from the New York Academy of Art and a BFA in drawing from Colorado State University. He combines his academic expertise with his profound personal talent to make a highly focused and engaging part-time atelier program designed for artists of all levels and backgrounds wanting strong drawing skills at the core of their artistic arsenal.

We are excited about two new part-time programs, the Core Drawing Practicum and the Advanced Drawing Practicum where continuing artists are offered community and mentorship. 

Time Commitment

This Atelier is a 3 year program:

Year 1- Core drawing (perspective, structural drawing, tools and techniques, observational techniques, etc)
Year 2- Focus on figure (figure drawing, figure structure, master copies)
Year 3- Individual projects (development of student vision)

Artists will develop drawings that hold their own alongside a painting or sculpture, as opposed to a drawing as a means of preparation for such mediums.

Atelier Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday 9:30am-4:30pm (Instructed) and Wednesday 9:30am-12:30pm (Uninstructed). Students will have access to a model between 9-15 hours per week and personal studio spaces available.

Fall: Start date in September.
Winter: Start date in January.
Spring: Start date in April.
Exact Start Dates TBD at instructor's discretion. 

Geoff Flack

“I believe that making art helps us move through the world. Everything we did in class required being present in the moment and truly seeing what was in front of us - skills developed with practice and intention. The simple act of laying down lines, of focusing on the move between values, of building up the shadows while observing closely required being immersed in and dedicated to the moment. A lovely feeling and an important way of being that we often lose in the day to day. I get the same feeling when making my music. I really loved the class and am so happy to have found Gage. I have made art all of my life but have had very little formal training. I am very excited about the possibilities! I look forward to studying with you again.”

— Geoff Flack Student

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