Kimberly Trowbridge (Seattle), is a painter, an installation artist, a performer, and a lecturer on color theory. She received her MFA from the University of Washington (2006). Her first solo museum show at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (2021) was developed during her time as Creative Fellow at Bloedel Reserve (2018-2020), a 150-acre garden amid an old growth forest. Trowbridge recently completed a Facebook Open Arts commission (2021), and was Artist in Residence at Oxbow, Seattle. She is a two-time Neddy Award Finalist (2014, 2016), and an Artist Trust GAP Grant recipient (2014). She is the Director of the Trowbridge Atelier, a multi-year painting program at Gage Academy of Art, Seattle. She has led plein-air painting tours in Spain, Portugal, and Twisp, WA.

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A Walk Into the Garden with Kimberly Trowbridge:

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Instagram:  @kimberly_trowbridge

Solo Museum Show at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

credit: Hunter Stroud.

Recently completed Facebook Open Arts commission

credit: Robert Wade.

Artwork by Kimberly Trowbridge

“Kimberly Trowbridge engages her whole self in the creative process and carries a jangling set of keys to this universe with her at all times, unlocking door after door for her students...”

— Shannon Borg, Atelier Student

“Kimberly has the ability to transform what often feels mysterious and difficult into tools and practices that anyone can use. She does this while also communicating the magic of creating, and its role in our survival as humans. She is a gem in our midst.”

— Rhoda Donkin, student for a decade

“I am lucky beyond belief to have found Kimberly to guide my artistic journey. The impact she has made on me is genuinely life altering and I'm not sure I realized that could still happen in my 50's...the impact she's had on me is multiplied by every student she's ever had. We are all living richer, fuller lives due to her teaching...I wake up every day thankful for a world that has the magical, wise, gifted, passionate and hard-working Kimberly Trowbridge in it.”

— Margaret, Atelier Student

“Joining the Trowbridge Atelier has transformed my creative practice. After one year of Kimberly's virtual program, I am in radically different territory. I am deeply immersed in the intimate practice of making art in my own studio, connected to a rich community of fellow painters, and continually inspired to dig deeper through Kimberly's ongoing and personal mentorship. Next year, even though I live in Seattle, I'm electing to keep going virtually because I love benefiting from all the learning while investing in my own space. Being in the Trowbridge Atelier's online classroom has been - and continues to be - the most satisfying and enriching learning experience I've ever had!”

— Kristin Costello, Atelier Student

“My experience as a 2020-2021 Trowbridge Atelier has been incredibly influential on my growth as an artist. I was able to join the program while living full-time in NYC, but I always felt close by. Kimberly was so attentive to my needs as her student, it was as if we were always speaking in person.
The circumstances that pushed us into a virtual realm also required me to carve out a thoughtful home studio space, allowing me to fully integrate my artistic practice into my everyday life. I could not be happier with my experience, and I am thrilled to continue this program virtually again next year.”

— Sonja Haroldson, Atelier Student

“In 2020 when COVID prevented the atelier from meeting in person I had no idea what to expect from virtual learning. After a year and a half of the virtual Trowbridge Atelier, I love remote learning. Kimberly's multi-platform skills combined with her enthusiasm for sharing work and ideas create an exciting virtual classroom where instruction and interaction flow smoothly. Sessions include lectures, painting demonstrations (both live and recorded) and working from a live model in real time with Kimberly and fellow students. There are lots of opportunities for getting feedback by sharing work in class or in a private Facebook group, or one on one consultations with Kimberly. I love to have the opportunity to experiment and try new things in my own space at home yet still have instruction, feedback, mentoring, and community that I get from being in the atelier.”

— Sue Rose, Atelier Student

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