Almost everyone has an old iPhone or ancient console lying around, some that had a good run, and some were lost to time almost immediately. Kathryn will take you through the process of setting a scene with these objects, and collecting colors from more current, or even futuristic palettes. Using brightly colored bulbs, or LED wires. Kathryn will teach you how to recycle to create something truly unique. So, grab some items from home, or dig through Kathryn's electronic graveyard to discover and shed new light on some old ideas.

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Gage Academy of Art acknowledges the Coast Salish Peoples as the original inhabitants of this area and connecting waterways. We understand the land that Gage occupies is unceded territory and that today many Indigenous peoples live here and without their stewardship, we would not have access to this space. We honor the Coast Salish Peoples’ sovereignty, rights to self-determination, culture and ways of life. Since time immemorial, Indigenous peoples have called this territory their sacred land. We commit to learning, educating others and repairing the legacy of historically harmful relationships between non-Native and Native peoples in King County. In doing so, we will be honest, and recognize the experiences of Native peoples to include genocide, forced relocation, forced assimilation, and land theft. We also acknowledge Native peoples are survivors, present in today’s world, thriving. We encourage everyone here today to ask themselves: what can I do to support Indigenous communities?

In an effort to be transparent, Gage is contemplating this call to action and re-working how to best support Indigenous communities.

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