This course will cover a “Flemish” approach to a layered painting process. Starting by developing a figure drawing from the model and then transferring this drawing onto a prepared panel. Starting the painting section will utilize 2 to 3 days to develop a painting though what I consider a Flemish approach. This approach utilizes a foundation drawing, under-painting, and dead color layering. The approach ends with a full color or “sweetening” layer applied after this foundation is established.
This course will take a foundation approach to drawing the figure and establish a figure drawing foundation for creating a panel painting utilizing a very limited palette. Starting with the artist drawing a figure drawing for 2 to 3 days which will covering/ reviewing basic figurative foundation drawing. The goal is to establish a proportional figure drawing with clear light and shadow from a directional light light source. Basic Figure drawing idea covered considers the figure as a conceptual idea. This course seeks to expose you to general principles of design employed by figure draughtsman with the use of basic media. (Pencil, inkwash.) The class will apply basic skills of structure, proportions, and light and shade to prepare for the start of a painting. There will be a focusing on basic skeletal structure with proportions.
Intermediate level. it can be a challenge for someone without any observational drawing experience. Anyone with foundation drawing, figure drawing or painting experience will likely do fine in this course. It is a course for those who wish to start or review figure drawing and for anyone wishing to learn my painting approach to the figure.

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